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4 Channel WLED Controller Board

4 Channel WLED Controller Board

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Our newest board for DIY or commercial installations. Board accepts 12v or 24v power. Comes pre-flashed and configured with WLED. Includes external antenna and 7.5amp fuses. Change colors and send effects data to 4 different LED strips at once. 

  • 16MB ESP 32
  • Large terminals for power input and power output
  • Can us up to 10 AWG wire on power terminals
  • Fused power outputs 
  • Extra terminals for power injection
  • 2oz copper allows for 30Amps combined power output.
  • Signal buffer on all 4 data outputs boosts signal voltage back to 5v
  • Extra GPIO screw terminals for relays etc.. 
  • Molex Long range WIFI antenna 

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