Permanent & Customizable

ShowHome Lighting is a permanent, programmable LED Christmas lights system that is DIY and easy to install on your home for holiday, landscape, and security lighting, among other things.

Barely Noticeable

The permanent LED Christmas lights are installed once on the exterior of your home, behind the gutters and trim. Our one-of-a-kind channel conceals the lights and wiring to match the color of your existing outside trim. Due to its invisibility during the day, it can be left in place 365 days a year, round the clock.


We only use the highest quality LED bulbs on the market, which have a power consumption of 0.6 watts. If you had 150 lights on for 6hrs/day, 365 days/year you would only use ~$29 of power per year.

Fully Customizable

With millions of different color options and the ability to customize your own, the combinations for ShowHome's permanent led outdoor lighting systems are endless. This of course includes that warm white color, along with the ability to adjust the brightness!


With dozens of pre-programmed settings, segments, transitions, presets, built-in calendar, and timers, users can customize the lights to be on as often or as seldom as they choose. You can program different patterns for specific dates and events, or have them activate automatically at dusk and dawn. You can also connect your lights to your Amazon Alexa and use voice commands to turn your light on/off or change colors.

Convenient App

Using our pre-configured app on iPhone, Android, tablet or PC, homeowners have access to almost endless choices. This offers the ability and flexibility to set the lights for every big holiday, game day, or special event throughout the year.