My journey with ShowHome Lighting all started in October 2021. I am from a small town in Tisdale, Saskatchewan, Canada.

My wife and I have two children, a 7 year old daughter and 4 year old son. As anyone with a wife and family, knows just how much kids love Christmas lights.

If this dad was putting up Christmas lights though, I wanted to do it one time and one time only. Work smarter - not harder. So, I began looking into permanent lighting options. I knew what I wanted, but was having a hard time finding that specific item.

I found some lights that would work, but couldn’t find any track to attach to our eves. I came up with a drawing of what I wanted, took it to a local metal fabrication shop and had them make what I was looking for.

By this time it was November going into December (for those of you that don’t know, it is cold, snowing and -15 degrees by this time). I got the lights in the track and was ready to put up, but now I had to hardwire each set of lights together. It most definitely was not a user friendly option.

That evening after getting the lights all up, my wife and I were talking. We both said, “there has to be an easier way about doing this”.

So the researching and digging into Holiday and home lighting options began. Again, we did not come across any user-friendly DIY solutions.

This is when the idea for ShowHome Lighting began.

This had to be an easy to install and easy to use product. I was determined to make a DIY user-friendly and more reasonably priced options for getting Christmas and Holiday lights.

After a year of hiccups, product testing, designing and certifying our own equipment, we finally got to put our product up on family and friends houses.

In town, it was a great feeling to see families and children so happy to see colorful lights up on their homes. The fact that the adults said it was so easy to do and had no more tangled cords to deal with, well that was an added bonus to hear.

This is when my wife and I also realized this is more than just permanent Christmas lights. We don’t have pot lights or any sort of lighting in our backyard, so up went the ShowHome Lights again. In a couple hours we now have the perfect glow of the soft white light in our backyard.

So whether it be home lighting, seasonal lighting, business lighting, the limits are endless with ideas; our family can’t wait to see pictures of people enjoying their new ShowHome Lighting light show and to follow along with new material and products to be offered.


Steve and Family