ShowCone Lights

The ShowCone Difference

Puck Lights:

  • Traditional design
  • Project light outward from the fixture
  • Easy to install on standard metal soffit and facia
  • Ideal for highlighting specific areas with focused light

ShowCone Lights:

  • Innovative 2-piece flat track design for effortless installation on any surface
  • Sleeker, modern aesthetic with flush-mounted lenses
  • Unique curved lens creates a distinctive cone-shaped light wash on house walls
  • Perfect for achieving a contemporary look while illuminating your home efficiently
  • Lights can go in the track or be stuck directly to any surface with the 3M adhesive backing

    • Click It - Click the lights inside the two piece track to give a modern clean look with no exposed wiring
    • Stick It - Remove the 3M backing on the light and stick the lights directly to any surface
  • Attach the top part of the track to the mounting surface with screws and simply snap the lights in place.

Full Kits Coming Soon

Kits will be available shortly, if you would like a price on kit for any length please fill out the form below and we will get back to you asap!

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