Price Comparison

Based on a 100 foot DIY kit, here is how we compare to other DIY competitors on the market.

USD to CAD conversion as of October 3, 2023

Based on 100' kits ShowHome Lighting Competitor #1 Competitor #2
Option to shop in CAD & USD YES NO NO
Kit Price $2220 CAD.. $1599USD $2193.33 CAD..... $1600 USD $3153.70 CAD $2300.58 USD
Shipping FREE $274.17 CAD $200USD $191.92 CAD $140USD
Credit Card Fees NONE NONE $66.91 CAD $48.81USD
Total Price $2220 CAD.. $1599USD $2467.50 CAD.... $1800 USD $3412.53 CAD $2489.39 USD

The only plug & play system

The beautiful thing about ShowHome Lighting Kits is the ease of installation. We pride ourselves on developing a system that does not require wire splicing, special connectors, or soldering. This eliminates the possibility of wiring it incorrectly and damaging your lights, or having your lights not work after installation and needing to troubleshoot the issue.